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We have seen some customer tend to believe that for maintaining and installing an MEP System there is no need to hire a great expert, instead a work shop technician or local contractor can do it. While a work shop technician or local contractor might be an easy option, but they don't have that kind of thorough knowledge on MEP System engineering and method. Further it is difficult to understand details about indoor air quality, energy efficiency, the design and circuits without proper infrastructure and training required to handle y our costly and hi-tech air-conditioning systems.

We at MAX COOL (MEP) SYSTEM thoroughly understand and recognize this and also believe that clean healthy air is essential for your healthy living and it why we recommend that your air-conditioning systems need to be serviced regularly by qualified technicians. we at MAX COOL (MEP) SYSTEM provide you with the finest and most comprehensive range of service, installation, repair & annual maintenance contract, to take care of your MEP System through professionals in this field. Our professionals have undergone air-conditioning studies and training and are well experienced in MEP Service field. With the help of this qualified professional, we are well equipped to offer you a professional service for your hi-tech MEP Systems.

Our service teams are ready to attend your call at the scheduled date and time to check the air conditioner and rectify the faults. Faulty parts will be depending on parts availability and your convenience.

We at MAX COOL (MEP)SYSTEM believe in protecting your costly and hi-tech MEP Systems from damage and malfunctioning as it is your important initial investment. Our MEP Engineers periodically check your MEP System, repairing and replacing required parts and maintaining a perfect working condition, if you have entered in our comprehensives annual maintenance service contract.

We are committed to provide you the highest level of reliable and comfortable service along with genuine spare parts with a personal touch.

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